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I have numerous objections to Mr. Schultz's article; it heartens me that a number of them have been addressed in the six comments that preceed mine.

So instead of rehashing what my fellow commenters have already said, let me say that Schultz's piece may be symptomatic of the attitude of this website -- which has amongst it's categories for posted essays "Islamophobia."

It never occurs to people who use this term that no one has ever bothered to invent such a word as 'Buddhophobia' to descibe a supposed irrational fear of Buddhism. Of course, there is no prevalent fear of Buddhism in the world -- whether rational or irrational -- because Buddhism has a much more peaceful history than Islam and Buddhist thinking is not a longstanding source of inspiration for scores of terrorists.

I would suggest that On Being and it's contributors need to rethink the concept of Islamophobia so that they don't see irrational fear (or heaven forbid, racist, colonial thinking) in every criticism of the world's most violent religion. As for Mr. Shultz himself, perhaps he should stick to Foucault and the Franciscan's.