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Having been brought to tears several times, I am most grateful to you both. Certainly it makes me feel less alone to hear two sincere, open hearts co-operate in showing what openheartedness looks like, feels like. Not woo-woo, sentimental new agey openheartedness. Not, as Tami said, like what the boys in the marketing dept. say will sell. Not what's particularly popular. The real thing, really opening, is not easy, painless or quick. Embracing wholeness can be messy. It can be very painful. Both of you made it clear as can be that the spiritual process of waking up must not be sugar coated. I thank you Krista and Tami. You have aided my process and THE process immeasureably. Your honesty, integrity and straightforwardness bless me and all your listeners, and I reap the benefit in feeling the warm and open hearts of two kindred spirits. Namaste