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The interview with Tami Simon touched me deeply. In many ways, Tami's path has paralleled my own.- coming from a loving, secure family but feeling somehow alone in my inner life. My journey took me from an undergraduate degree in engineering, discovering my inner spirit which found no words, but which led to careers as protestant pastor and transpersonally oriented pastoral psychotherapist from which I have retired. I have yearned to find ways to express my sense of a spiritually oriented business to provide psychotherapy and rejoiced to hear Tami explain it so fully. Now I am working to creatie a video and probably a book to present my wife's dementia, which enabled her to discover and work through childhood trauma of which she had been completely unaware. As a result she crossed the Threshold to the next world in peace. Tami's description of her own journey and her own work has given me both insight and inspiration. Thanks to you both for this moving interview.