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Hi Joy,
I identify with your understanding about being Transsexual. Your share rang true for me.
I transitioned almost 20 years ago at 50. It did cost my marriage and children and family, and my career.
I did also go thru an "ugly duckling" phase....
I have unending gratitude for the women who helped to re-socialize me as a woman, and the voice training CD I found from "Melanie".... My voice needed to refocus to stop the lower register-I was squeaky for some time, as I listen to your voice on the radio today, your voice, inflection, content are great, and all that your training might be to not let the lower tones of our voice be so prominent.
I have a new life 1000 miles away, and my siblings are again in my life. I have many friends who never knew me as as a male.
My former Wife and Daughter still care and struggle to wrap their minds around how Dad became a woman.
My Son struggles and doesn't know how to have me in his life....
I have church that accepts me and a job that appreciates me.
Thank you for your courage to be real and share with us .... in the end, its all we really have.