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Ms. Ladin, I was touched by your interview. It's brave and inspiring to hear you embrace and share your experiences with the world. Toward the end of the interview, you mentioned that you grew up with a dim view of humanity and you lived in hiding. You added that as you transitioned, you were surprised to find people responded to you with love, compassion, and respectful curiosity. Even though I'm not transgendered, this statement really impacted me. I'm a survivor of significant childhood abuse. After I graduated from high school, I managed to climb my way out and enter into the 'real world' where I attended a major university and eventually earned my masters degree--the first person in my family to go to college. I have no relationship with my parents or their families. I've been successful in my field, but I've always lived in hiding. Partly because of the fear I have from them finding me and interfering with my life (which they have)... and the other part of hiding is not sharing this part of myself with others, like friends or coworkers, for fear of how they would react or how they would see me. If it would change how I'm treated, the accomplishments I've made at work, dating someone. As I listened to what you said, it made me think about my history of abuse, and that people can be more gracious and understanding than we think. It also made me think about discovering who I am, as I start to embrace my own experiences and live more authentically. Thank you for the example you're setting for others.