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Wow my Jewish sister! Outstanding. I have bookmarked for further reading time-permitting. I have a special request. I am Christian who absolutely knows God is very real since the age of 21 when under severe stress as a young Air Force Sgt. God blessed me first with a special revelation followed by a way out of my severe stress which led to my honorable discharge.

I had cried out to the God that I was skeptical was there, as I told God that (1) even though a sinner, I had remained morally pure. (2) reminded him that I was a child no less than Moses, Adam, Enoch, Noah and since they had received revelation so too could I (which I did receive). (3) that he had promised not to give us more than we are able to handle. (4) that I was that lost sheep that the shepherd would go searching for.(5) that His word states that mustard-seed-sized faith can move mountains.

In short, a mountain was moved I believe just for me, as He would do for others of faith. When that happened I went from skeptical to belief to knowledge that no matter what we think about fact God is present somewhere. Growing up, as I read the stories about the Jewish people, their history, their travails and blessings, for some reason I identified with my Jewish brothers and sisters as close as my blood relatives...and still do. I don't know why this...maybe just maybe I have Jewish ancestry, because innately I sense that I do.

My request? As a MtF transgender person of faith, I don't accept that gender correction is sin, given that it is biologically based and we know that because of sin, our bodies are corrupted and often birthed with untold birth maladies, including the hormonal malady behind sex correction reflected externally as "gender." My request is that you please e-mail me information as to how I can become part of the Jewish faith, although I believe in Christ as savior. I believe it is the reformed Jewish sect?

Thank you and look forward to hearing from you!