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I am filled with compassion for Joy's (and Christine's) struggle. But something saddens me.

Joy has done many things to her body (dare I say mutilation?) to get it to the point where she feels she can truly call herself female. But why can't she leave her healthy body alone and choose to behave and adorn herself however she wants? There are millions of people who are trapped in bodies that don't allow them to be their true inner selves. Whether someone has gender issues, suffers from a chronic illness, lost a limb in combat, is obese or is just plain ugly; our bodies do not have to define us.

"My transition has not only been from an inauthentic life as a man to an authentic life as a woman. It has also been from a gender covenant based upon physical sex and social convention to a new gender covenant in which gender doesn’t mean being male or female, but being true to others by becoming our truest selves."

Why allow gender binary to define us? By going to such great lengths to make the body conform to perceived gender covenants, aren't we just confirming and validating those archaic notions? Why couldn't Joy have just changed her name and started wearing dresses without mutilating herself? Because that transition wouldn't have been accepted socially perhaps? As if this one IS accepted?

It's not that I am against gender reassignment. I am against risky, costly, unnecessary and (dare I say this?) ineffective medical intervention.