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This could be psychosis. But, to be kind, it's probably just another form of OCD. For those of you out there with children, you know a "child's logic" is an oxymoron. You put a sensitive boy in the wrong circumstances at the right time and anything can happen. And when a brain circuit gets wired in a certain way at a young age (as a coping mechanism?), it's hard to shake. Wish-dreaming about being a fireman, teacher, basketball player, dancer, doctor? Sure. Yearning to be Asian when you're African, or a female when you're a male? What's that all about? Unhealthy, illogical fixation at an early age. In this case, the fixation seems to be on the "externals" of being a female. Being born a male, Joy Ladin knew nothing about the "internals" of being a female, and she probably never will. Yet through castration, hormones, et al. she can have some sort of inner peace. Okay, I get that. But why do we have to buy into this as a good thing? It's pathological self-indulgence. Society is not well-served by the acceptance and promotion of transsexuality as a solution to anything.