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I too was deeply moved by this story and commend Joy for her courage. but to say that this interview was one-sided is silly. Does this show now required two guests per episode, so both sides of every issue can be examined? Certainly On Being listeners should get that life and relationships are not a zero sum game, not black and white, not a situation of right and wrong. The human experience is far too nuanced and complex and vast for that small understanding. If Joy confessed to her future wife in college that her genitals belied her gender orientation, Christine was warned, so to speak. AND her voice and experience is just as valid as Joy's and should not be silenced, but this episode was not about Christine. Perhaps a future episode will be, or perhaps Christine will tell her story on a different radio program.

To those who feel the need to project their discomfort with Joy's transition by calling her selfish or pathological-- YOU CANNOT POSSIBLY UNDERSTAND IF YOU HAVE NOT EXPERIENCED. If you have not lived in another person's body, you have no clue what is true about their moment to moment existence. Marriages fall apart for nefarious reasons every day. This is not a nefarious reason. I have no doubt that this was the most difficult thing that her family has ever gone through, however, all involved parties are still alive. Still have their health. Still have each other. The kids still have two parents. Two parents who are no longer living a lie.
And can I just say that it was NOT lost on me the aural connotations of Joy's new name. Joy Ladin. Joy-Laden. How great that upon introducing herself, signing her name, etc., she can always be reminded of our birthright to be filled with joy. Blessings!