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The extremists claimed to have killed Daniel because he was a Jewish American journalist, Mariane called this "crap". She felt her husband was killed by hatred, those labels were symbols of a man, and she didn't lose a symbol.

I think this point of the interview is interesting, Mariane herself could have taken the path of hatred. She chose the path that would punish the terrorists more, by being defiant and knowing they were not going to break her down. By going on to deliver a healthy baby boy and not letting Daniel's death put her into a place where the terrorists won.

Mariane stated her Buddhism was a great factor in dealing with all of the circumstances. She would chant and try to look at her son as another victory. She could have easily lost him in utero due to all the stress.

I don't know that I could have come out of such a horrible situation like that and not find hatred in my soul for the people that did murder my husband. It takes a very kind hearted, open minded soul to not hate those men. Just a fascinating woman, I would probably read her book more than I would watch the movie, A Mighty Heart, which Angelina Jolie was in. After listening to her speak, I feel something would be lost in the movie.