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I am the owner of a 53 year old mind and body that has seen much stress and trauma during life. From the 'difficult' childhood, death of my best friend when I was driving the car, cancer, and death of my 19 year old son I find my self trudging on ...and on and on.
Until my son died, I was always a 'glass half full' person through it all. After his death, I was a ' this glass is empty' person.
I am on a journey to heal myself and revive some sort of Joie de vivre. The awareness of this need has made me open and seeking anything that might help. Listening to the Bessel van der Kolk interview by Krista Tippit I have learned that I am on the right track to healing. I am with a therapist who does talk therapy and EMDR. I found that the EMDR has given me enormous relief. I know that I need to use this more in therapy but I also find talk therapy so helpful. I have done yoga, ballet and dance and though I can't do what I could 30 years ago it helps. I currently work hours in my garden which I call my church. The movement and body awareness that is attached to gardening is very healing to me. I choose not to listen to the news other than to learn the headlines 2nd hand. I just started seeing a natural path doctor to heal the 'gut wrenching' in me that can't go on. I am still seeing MD doctors but I am finding after just one visit, with her more sympathetic and natural ideas for healing that make sense to me.
As I said, I am on my way to healing and Dr. Kolk has validated the many things that have come across my path whether I know why they are working or how they got there. I can't wait to order his book and I am so grateful for your podcast, Krista Tippit because I learn so much with such a soothing medium.