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I had a deep, physical & emotional reaction to this segment of On Being. The timing was, for me, clearly a "God thing". I'd was driving away from having just hiked several miles of trails in the Great Smokey Mountain National Park, wondering why I had stopped getting outdoors and moving my body as I'd so loved to do as a child.

September will the be the 30th anniversary of a violent kidnapping/beating/sexual assault I survived at 18. After 20 years of traditional "talk therapy", I was introduced to EMDR and it changed my feelings about this trauma almost completely, as described, releasing the emotion of the events and making more just part of my story. (FYI, I respond better to EMDR done with audio stimulation more than visual. That's what's so cool about it! It isn't just an "eye movement" thing!)

Four years ago, I discovered yoga, and have begun, gradually, to see the reconnection with my body of which you both spoke. I began yoga to deal with being quite overweight and wanting to become more flexible. Little did I know that it would help me transition off antidepressants and begin to, as you put it, feel safe in my body again. I know I still have work to do, but I believe, from the center of my being, that this is the route to healing and truly living again! Hiking alone in a national park in the rain began to make me think about how I want to live this 2nd half of my life. And then came your program, which reminded me how I can begin this healing/living process! THANK YOU!!!