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The problem of people refusing to be present in social interactions has been around for all my 50 years. In school we would daydream, in relationships we would play poker while our wives read romance novels. Even during the poker games we told funny stories of things that happened once before while our wives fantasized about marrying men who didn't play poker. I noticed 20 years before the "smart phone" was invented that some people can be looking you in they eye and pretending to be listening but at the same time be somewhere else. If you love your life you will show up for it. You will want to smell the smells and soak in the colors and movement around you. I do love my life but I also use technology. I just told a woman I haven't seen in 2 years and who I may never see again, how special she was to a local charity event. I wouldn't have made that little connection without social media. Overall, technology is still serving to keep me connected to others. Look at me now, I am sharing my thoughts with people who have the shared experience of watching this brief video and whom I will never meet. Now it is time to turn off this machine and enjoy a high definition full color versiopn of by beautiful back yard. Cheers