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These thoughts and fragments come to mind after watching this.

The commentator above got it right when he said people have been using technology to tune out for a long time.

What if what is there in the outer world is less meaningful than what you find in your own thoughts? I try to be there for life, but find that I tune out simply by going off someplace in my head when the outer world is less than engaging. I did it as a school boy, I do it now when bored, especially in group settings where I can't easily escape, but can be inconspicuous. Face to face with another I try to stay attentive, but will excuse myself when the talking is meaningless chatter, meant only to fill the silence that some find so uncomfortable. When I find something or someone interesting or meaningful, nothing can pull my attention away.

The thing about the phones and personal devices is that people's lack of attention to the moment is so apparent, in your face.

A story. Last month as my family and I were flying into Seattle, the plane banked around Mt. Rainier. It was a magnificent view of this beautiful, snow covered rock that filled the window. In the seat across the aisle, sat a young man busy with an ipad. His companion directed him to the mountain outside. The young man pulled out his phone, snapped a photo, and turned back to his ipad.

Technology is so ubiquitous that I suspect that many of the young generation of digital natives would see nothing funny or ironic about this video. "Yeah, so...?"