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Thank you both to Kristen and Nadia. This talk really spoke to me. I have not been able to find a church that really speaks to me. I understand that God speaks to us no matter where we are. And to act on that information and what you do with it is a blessing in itself. I call it Lowly listening. There are many ways to pick up on those around us and to favor them with a simple word or kindness is what I have gotten form God. I remember watching MTV one morning and a video came on that showed a teen with a white robe on a skate board moving in and out of people on the board walk. It really struck me that that is what God is asking me to do. I wish we had Nadia here because you are the first person that I have heard that speaks to me and would help me on my journey. But I will listen often and get your book. I hope to hear you maybe someday and your sense of humor is exactly how I have handled things in most instances that are of hardship in my life. I know I am on the right track but you have given my life more meaning. I must have been meant to hear you as my life right now is hard and need to get back on coarse again I need a gentle push to go on. I suffer from depression also. It has lead me threw incredible pain but on the other side a deeper commitment of empathy toward others and a commitment to be kinder to myself. I am lucky enough to have a dog that has helped me through this walk. She seems to understand my mission obviously without any conversation. God got me out of bed this morning to hear you. LOL I NEVER get up and stay up so early in the morning.