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I'm a HUGE fan of on being. Love listening to the podcasts, but this, with Nadia, moved me to tears, not tears of sadness, but of utter happiness. That there is a place in this world where people can love Jesus and church and not feel like they are weird or strange or that they have to eventually conform to the church standard to go their. I grew up in church and I loved it. I was a perfect church girl and never had a crazy rebellious streak, but I eventually had to leave church after I felt there were too many rules placed on people to make them inauthentic. I love the loving caring side of church, but I hate the side that makes everyone conform and feel like poop if they don't. I so wish I lived in Denver so I could come be a part of what seems like a beautiful place of love. I'm going to be in Denver in February and am wishing to the universe that I'll get to go and be a part of a beer and hymns night, because that just sounds divine. Thank you for your convictions and sharing them. I'm eternally grateful.