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I listened to the broadcast of Nadia Bolz-Weber, recorded Sept 5,2013. She is a Lutheran pastor of the house for All Sinners and Saints.

I was wowed by this broadcast. I have never seen a pastor so open about their past about being a sinner. Nadia is a tattooed ex-addict to drugs that one day realized her life has to change. She states,"she had a calling to be a pastor and even at my darkest hour I still had God in my heart." After becoming sober and putting her past behind her, she opened the Lutheran house of All Sinners and Saints.

For her with her past, she knows no matter what people have done and gone through you can always change yourself to be better. People who are ex-cons and felons are all welcome here. Most people that go here are looked at as indiffernt due to their hair, tattoos or the way they dress or do their makeup. This is a place where people can go here, worship God and not feel like anyone is starring or judging them. What most have in common, is their religion for believing in God and their reputation of being different. As Nadia states," Her house is to redefine what religion really is."

It was very interesting seeing a picture of this woman. I have always thought of a pastor as a professional looking, strict, but kind person. She looks like the outgoing girl, who runs free in the world with no care of what others think and living day by day. After listening to her talk she is very educated and well mannered and God loving woman. I can see why people go to her house of God.

The most interesting thing she talked about is how her service is run.She says instead of having a huge spot for herself , she sits amongst the people. She also gives the people the oppurtunity to do the literagy greeting or prayer of the day. As the members walk into the church they can just decide right there if they will be part of it for the day. I think this is an awesome thing, it shows not 1 person has to be worthy of this and they really do worship as a community. She says it makes them closer. What a great thing!