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I found the second choice much more appealing and I'm glad to have made the switch. Nadia, the speaker, talks about taking religion to the next level or as I understood it, progressing with the times. She gives a very interesting point of view on how she believes god wants/is. She has a strong Lutheran back round which I found odd that she hung on to throughout her "transformation" I do not know much about the Lutheran religion, but it seemed almost contradictory. I always thought of Lutheran as a pretty cut and dry religion and one that shouldn't necessarily be "tampered" with.

She did a great job of explaining her point of view vs the typical point of view people and pastors have and it really made sense to me. One of the reasons I was turned off to church was I felt I had to act/look a certain way otherwise God or the pastor would not approve. It's really silly to me that so many people can focus on outward appearance and make so many judgments based on that alone. I like how she takes the focus of off the individual and focuses it more on the community, I think people including myself are too harsh on themselves and they not judge themselves in such a way as it often leads to them pushing away from the whole idea.

She says "innovation and tradition go hand in hand" I view this almost as enlightenment.. Wouldn't it be foolish to just follow in the footsteps of the past with out exploring, studying, and gaining a different knowledge/understanding along way, but at the same time cannot discount what has been established in the past.. This goes to my point of taking things as a team/community. God saved everyone, he bares the sins of everyone. I think it hurts more than helps when people single themselves out to such a degree they feel helpless and alone.

I really see this trend happening more and more. It's more about learning about god and understanding as opposed to judging and condemning, nothing wrong with drinking beer and loving god or having tats and loving god etc.. Though I still may not believe everything, I can admit, this "new aged" church movement has gotten me back in the doors.. People learn in different ways and people love god in different ways, What makes yours better than mine? (rhetorical question)