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This was so relevant to our readings I was completely engrossed.

Nadia Boltz Weber is a woman who helped redefine and create and church and following for what seems to be the new generation of people. The sinners, we tattoo ourselves, pierce our body, have sex before marriage, have babies before as well and much more. Much of what she says really helped solidy my own beliefs.

She believes in intovating with integrity. She has solid traditions but merges them with innovating them. Being raised in the church she tell that they teach more to be really good at not misbehaving. Struggled with the identity of who God was, and what he beleived. Could never bring herself to be atheist because she knew there was someone.

She believes in death and ressurectiom which was relevent to our readings which was nice to hear about. Along with this in her group she welcomed sinners, the gays, gang members, emo, transgender, cross dressers, you name it were allowed here. She even became a little worried when what she called normal people, started to show up. They looked like soccer mom and dads dressed in nice clothes ect. When she got over her initial worry she asked them to share why they were here as they began to explain they believed in her message (which I will get to later) that they started to come. Then a boy who was gay spoke up and said this " I love that people who look like my mom and dad are here, because they can understand and love them like my own parents cannot"

Which brings me to her message which I LOVE. Jesus, was not jesus, The man on the cross was God, and even when bad things happen and we blame god for not being there to fix it, that rather God died on the cross to help us bear the bad. Even through everything horrible that happened to him, he died saying this, forgive them for they do not understand what they are doing. Which is a powerful message. We must accept everyone in their journey here on earth.

I loved her message of the new church, where we go and be oursleves, that its okay to have tattoos and to live life. To celebrate Easter with dancing music and laughter, that our message is the same in the strong routed tradition but we are okay to evolve ourselves. to personalize who we are as individuals in this ever changing world.