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This presentation was about the moral debate on cloning and the religious view of why it should not be accepted. It starts off with an explanation of what cloning is by a scientist, how cloning could drastically change the lives of many both medically as well as psychologically and then goes on to speak of the opposition that cloning has faced. It then zeroes in on just the religious opposition to cloning. There is an attempt to redefine cloning not just of the human desire to achieve perfection but also as a tool to assist with medical technology and not just a way for grieving love ones to replace a dead family member.
It can be a very tempting endeavor, as we all have lost love ones that we continue to grieve about. However, it begs the question to what end? If you regard religion (especially Christianity) as your cornerstone, then your time on earth is nothing but a journey that leads you to heaven. If this is the case then you should be looking forward to moving on to heaven. Unless, you are not sure that is what you want, or that is what awaits you, then you would want to prolong your stay here on Earth. For the atheist it would be totally understandable. But for Christians of any kind it would directly contradict everything they believe in.
The Bible states that God is the giver of life (1Timothy 6:13). It also states He is our healer in Isaiah 53:4 and therefore we are suppose to believe in him for our healing and not take extreme measures. It beckons the question if we as humans are trying to once again be God?
What if we could live forever? What will serve as our motivation to love, and strive and dream? There would always be time. We could always put it off until later. It is ironic that extending life might take away a reason to live life.