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I believe we all need to sit down and re-define what Christianity really is. We were brought up to think like a saint and act in a Christian manner. "Being good at not doing certain things" Yet, I see life as a gift that God had given us. We were born to sin, to make mistakes, to learn, and to live. Nadia Bolz-Weber states that the Christian life is a continual life of death and resurrection. We are here on this planet to see the underside and to see God. I believe that we all are simultaneously sinner and saint, like Pastor Nadia. We contain a certain amount of capacity for self-destruction and destructive towards others, just as well as the ability to be kind. Everyday is a fighting battle to reveal who we want to be at the end of our crossroads. Everybody has their own path to walk on, and different people encounter different obstacles.

Nadia has gone through many trials and tribulations that have made her who she is today. She was brought up as a conservative Christian yet still drifted away from God. She was a comedian who fell under the influence of being a drug addict. She had gone through so many depressing moments, but her faith had always lifted her spirit. She preaches from her scars to reveal the truth about herself. Nadia's testimony has given me more faith and hope for humanity.