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As a quebecker, this is the way I see the current situation:
Beyond the apparent will of stigmatizing worn religious symbol is the desire to address the public's frustration upon wearers of veils and generalizing to other similar cases to avoid accusations of racism. Also, as the public keeps asking governments to address all sorts of trivial issues and because of the ensuing dissilusionment when laws are not voted at the snap of a finger, the government needed to answer... if only to keep the public interested in politics. I think it is a great idea to incorporate a chart of values as our people feel like their culture is constantly diluting. Even if said chart is refused by most/all institutions as suggested by the chart itself, it's going to mean that as a people, we have a culture and we have the same right as everyone else on this planet to feel awkward around cultures conveying things we do not agree with. Such as, to close the circle, the inherent insulting aspect of veils. From the point of view of quebec's culture, veils are condemnable as much as not wearing them is condemnable from the point of view of their culture. Medias and competing politicians are yelling out loud right now that it is impossible to agree to disagree, THAT is the step backwards. I salute my government for its courage.

To answer the picture:
I saw people studying. Because of their veils, I had hopes that they were really learning, as opposed to being endoctrinated.