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Good morning Dr. Devlin,

First I trust that this message finds you contented; having food (nutrition) and cover (clothing and shelter). I woke up to your voice on the 6 am, 9/22/2013, 90.7 WMFE interview on Joy of Math with Ms. Krista Tippett. Your point of view of mathematical thinking is interesting and different especially your connection of music to math. I like your effort in massively open online courses (MOOC). Many could be edified in traditional courses, who cannot enter a fee for education university.

I could not miss your passing comment to Ms. Tippett about language and evolution of humankind. Your statement of 50,000 years did not elude my hearing. What is your evidence for the number for the age of language? You spoke of the origins of language as if it was a mystery and having evolved from some unknown source. Why is your conclusion so uncertain? Have you not read that the multiplicity of languages were an intervention of one called God Genesis 11:1, 6, 7, 9 (King James Version)? The earth was of one language before the noteworthy event Genesis 11:1 (King James Version).

Your leadership in a correct direction on the subject of language can be tremendous because of your credentials; your association with a prominent and well known seat of higher learning – Stanford; and the strength of your independent viewpoint.

Please respond with your thoughts, and your research on my challenge to your view of language and its origin.