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Joy of Math. Every Sunday morning we listen to On Being and then discuss what we've heard and how it relates to our lives. I was excited to hear about mathematics "as a reflection of the inner world of our minds" and mathematics as seeing "patterns." I felt the interview didn't really follow through on those. Yes, music has patterns but what are other examples of mathematical patterns in life? I would have appreciated examples that would help me "see" in this different way. Interesting that people were singing the equations, but were the notes/tune chosen to specifically create the pattern of the equation they were singing about? How does that relate to my life and the inner workings of my mind? And I would have appreciated examples of how mathematics is a reflection of the mind. Keith said language and mathematics are of the same origin but he didn't explain that. To someone who doesn't see the world the way he does, I have no idea what that meant. The first 14 minutes were about how schools and people don't use use or teach math to its fullest potential. We know that. Thanks for the many, many good programs that I often encourage friends and clients to listen to, but this won't be one of them.