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The Joy of Math:

We need to see a follow-up segment on MOOC since the joys of math segment into the joys of MOOC was quite disturbing.

This is a quick synopsis of Stanford University and education.....they were leaders in the education reform of the late 1980s that took text books out of the classrooms because it stifled creativity and stopped rigor in grading and moving students up because all that hurts children's feelings. The same reform had teachers allowing calculators in teaching math. This wasn't optional and teachers fought against this and for quality education just as they are fighting the reforms by the same institutions responsible for that disaster of reform. I know you all know this so I'm just setting the stage.

Stanford used that education reform to make all kinds of money writing and selling these new enlightened lessons in lieu of textbooks. Stanford is now a corporation as it has for decades been patenting and profiting off of these education reform policies. That education reform policy gave us students who graduated not able to read and do math.

Now we are having an education reform that has these same institutions with Stanford in the lead taking students online and exposed to canned lessons written by hand-picked professors. What could go wrong with that? We all know this reform is about ending completely democratic education in America and creating an autocratic capture of information from K-college and MOOC leads the way. The idea that MOOC was created to be this great free access education ....the great much like the Great Leader appearing on the Korean news stating THERE IS FOOD IN GROCERY STORES so you can't be hungry. I must say that the guests suggestion of liking the image of looking out from the computer screen as being intimate education just as startling as the Great Leader.

The intent with MOOC is to eliminate the diversity of learning and the bedrock of democratic activity. We need to look at the MIT decision last year to stop all large lecture hall computer lessons because of the obvious fact that students spent the time surfing the web and not following the lessons online to know this online course/lesson holds no value in simply is being used to further capture a democratizing structure and make lots of money. Indeed, they are now trying to figure out how much to charge for these and how professors will be chosen.

The point is that we have public media in order to provide programming that is public interest. What I just outlined would be the public interest piece of what was an advertisement for a profit-making adventure. To have it imbedded in a show on morality and ethics....truly bizarre. I'm sorry for you!