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I have only heard 26 minutes of the unedited interview and I sit with him in the closet with the turtle sharing their voices and I hear this man in intimate conversation sharing secrets with Christa on how he loves the men of 100 years ago going into the wild, tearing at their own fear to plunge into the mystery, and my wild heart bleeds gratitude for it all. Somewhere deep inside I hunger for this, this of substance, of my wanting to touch the pulse, the very blood of the river of me flowing and needing to hear the beat of a wild heart to urge me on into where lies hope, realness, juice of what life really is vs the Disney ride of my life, brushing my teeth, waking to the alarm, shoulder on through my day while in the listening, something in me sits weeping in gratitude for all this that spins out in Dr. Rabinowitz' s vulnerability and Christa knowing, having scraped deeply into what is known of him, and hearing him for all of us. In gratitude, I am Cassandra sitting in my kitchen, Santa Monica, Ca, 11 pm and the quietness of the city seeping in under the door and the sharing goes on into my headphones of "OnBeing" and I am grateful for all it takes, the people and the logistics, to make this all possible.