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Today I listened to Alan" interview where he relates his extraordinary journey. I cried so much...I feel the pain of God's creatures; our victims. These creature, all of them are endowed with knowledge that we, mere humans, can not begin to fathom. They are all knowing...self sufficient and in perfect tune with nature. Their pain, I have seen, is profound and, yet, we rip them from their natural homes just to be entertained. I feel deep pain for the birds in cages singing their pain. Do you know that Ruisenores ( mocking birds ) we call them in Puerto Rico; will bring poison seeds to any Ruisenor in a cage? My cousin had one in the porch and covered the cage with a net to keep him from eating the is a pact between these singing birds. I am sure all animals would rather die than live in a cage away from their family and home.
When little Alan told the panther In the zoo that he would find a place for both of them, he was, unknowingly talking about the future. This panther looked him in the eye and understood. Later, when he was followed by this magnificent animal in the Belize jungle, it was a mystic moment...the little boy's promise had been conveyed by the jaguar in he zoo and hovered there, in this jungle, waiting for this miracle become a reality ...the jaguar there was thanking Alan, welcoming him. What a magical moment! You see, God was there, he held Alan's hand all these years and led him to his highest destiny. there is a lesson in this; a child's expressed desires may very well be a prediction of his destiny in life.