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Wow, this is a phenominal show on so many levels. It's also sad that it is so exceptional. A person who truly connects with the seen and unseen world while being wise enough to know it's the process. Certainty can be so impressive and yet so misleading, such as "the right to dominate nature" rather than try to understand it and accept that we are nature. I have always valued meeting and hearing people such as Dr. Rabinowitz. His influence for good does go way beyond helping animals. My story?-trying to understand his insights and looking at my experiences and perceptions. I've been near and met many grizzly and brown bears. If feeling part of the wild entails knowing your in the food chain, I qualify. I've always found the wild to be a harmonious place where I open up with increased sensitivity but not without a degree of fear on occasion. It can be hard for me to go back into the so called civilized world with such a sensitive awareness. I find it's a matter of perception-how you see the world and whether you really see it as it is or some fanciful image. Seeing the world seems to be a never ending work in progress as does understanding myself and my place in it. I found Dr. Rabinowitz's story to be captivating and thought provoking.