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Dear Krista, I live in Dublin, Ireland and since I was introduced to your interviews a couple of years ago by a disciple of yours- Padraic Otuama - in Belfast, Northern Ireland, I enjoy and am enriched by listening to your interviews as often as I can. I have been touched and moved to write you a note after reading your account of your meeting with Alan Rabinowitz. Thank you sincerely. You refer to Alan as a stutterer.

For a long time I have tried to address this type of language. For nearly forty years I have heard people "introduce" themselves as "an alcoholic", "a diabetic" or whatever. I feel that such descripts by themselves or others diminish the person. I have heard people with AIDS challenge others for labeling them as "suffering from AIDS" Could people consider using language like this "I have diabetes", "I have alcoholism" or even "he has a stutter" or "he has a speech impediment" or "he stutters". I hope this note might open up a conversation on the matter and of course that we might hear from people with these difficulties or life challenges. With every best wish and renewed thanks for your wonderful work. God bless.