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To me this is a very deep show, not only did Alan face tigers and other jungle cats, he’s battling cancer and still working to save animals through it. I honestly don’t know if that is something I could do but his story gives me inspiration that I will be able to overcome any obstacle and fight for what I believe in. Everyday we face some sort of battle, whether it is big or small, we try to overcome it, and when we do it makes us a stronger. Alan started with a big battle when he was young and today he is still fighting for what he believes in even though he’s fighting the biggest battle of all, one for his life.

I personally want to help people in this world, Alan wanted to help animals. Both of these are very important to our world and I hope that someday I can be as determined as he is. Right now I am young and there isn’t much I can do to help people in need. I can join volunteer groups and try to help people who I know, but I want to do things all across the world. I’d love to join the Peace Corps someday and help third world countries better themselves so they can live healthily. I also would love if I could have my own non-profit organization, collecting shoes and clothes to give to homeless people here or in other countries and finding ways to feed the hungry or shelter the homeless. If Alan can overcome a stutter and fight cancer, while fighting for animals, then there is no reason I shouldn’t be able to follow my goals while being healthy.