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A voice for the animals

To start things off, I like the idea that Dr. Rabinowitz has – which is to do more for wildlife conservation. I think that if conservation of animals, and nature, was on everyone’s list, we would never see it as a problem – it would be natural to us. What I disagree with is when Dr. Rabinowitz describes the pygmies of the Himalayas, and how their population is declining because they do not have proper living conditions, and that we have a responsibility to act upon those peoples’ trouble. I must say that the first thing that comes to my mind is the tendency of the Western “modernized” people to want to “rescue” other, less fortunate groups. I just wonder when we, as a society, will learn that our help does nothing to actually improve the life of these people. It is like helping a homeless person by giving them money (or shoes), and then seeing that they are barefoot and still hungry the next day. People who seem to us as struggling for life, tend to refuse a revolutionary rescue from others.
I wish that instead of trying to save hopeless people, just because it is our initial desire to do so, we would focus on the larger picture. Instead of giving them things, teach them how – those who actually want to improve their life, whether it is Himalayan pygmies, or homeless people, will learn, and will survive. I just don’t think it is right for us to give these people “help” for a day, and just turn back on them tomorrow, when they are still in the same position as they were before.