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I woke up to the voices of Ms. Amy Ray and Emily Sailers speaking of God to Krista Tippett. I heard God referred to as "it" and the "thing". What is the source of such speech? There is the record of who God is, His purpose, His expectation for Amy Ray, Emily Sailers and I. The source of God is not in man or woman but in the writing of Scripture contained in 66 books of the Old Covenant and 39 books of the New Covenant (Testament) Of Jesus Christ. God speaks of himself as male and Amy, Emily and I were made in His image, with capacity to choose, think and become what He expects us to be Genesis 1:26-27. The Church is not man's idea because One, Jesus Christ gave His life for her Ephesians 5:24-27. Who God is is not an origin of mankind and comments about Him should be supported with a proper source reference, otherwise we may be guilty of plagiarizing and misrepresentation. Unsupported comments about God could become blasphemy if great care is not taken to get the correct description. If the correct quote and information about God is not available say nothing at all.