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Yet again, this week's show with Sharon Salzberg and Robert Thurman reminds me of the little I know and practice and simultaneously the great hope and potential for anyone's life, including --- thankfully --- mine.
Around the 50th minute of the unedited version, there was a dialogue on the reality of vast interrelationships. I immediately thought that Christians this weekend are celebrating All Saints Day this weekend and homilies are rich with this important perspective, focusing on the "communion of saints". Today's definition of this concept is more expansive than the past and can encompass all the dead and the living members of all the various communities in which we reside. Often as I recite the Lord's Prayer and reach the phrase "give us this day our daily bread", I try to pause and equate the day's bread with all the people responsible for some single task I will do, thanking God for them all. It is but one small exercise to moderate my ego and help me realize the dependencies in my life.
Thank you for providing so much positive energy this day.