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The fundamental problem of scientists is that all of their discussions -- and not just in neuroscience but also, say, in biology -- is that regardless of how they try to unravel the workings of consciousness in various ways, they are basically dealing with consciousness AFTER it's inside matter. No one ever deals with how it gets inside matter in the first place; or, as Richard Grossinger puts it, they haven't figured out "how to get the city inside the acorn."

As Grossinger has pointed out, there was a time where some seemed to be saying that, if you keep adding more and more neurons, at a certain point they become conscious. But what determines that? Is there some kind of tipping point of quantification? It seems like an easy way out… Consciousness itself suggests that it isn't "in there" to begin with, and you can't get it in there by way of quantity. Regarding how consciousness appears in various so-called paranormal documented activity (like telepathy) strongly supports positing non-locality for consciousness.