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I can understand some of what Eve Ensler says, but she loses me and this interview loses me in several places. It seemed like Krista was so "into" Eve's worldview that at times the two of them were throwing phrases at one another and saying, "Yeah, yeah!" approving of one another's sentiments without explicating the subject. To me it seemed to devolve here and there into a club with two members, and too bad if the listener doesn't know the secret codeword.

Also, Eve Ensler loses me when she starts projecting her own state of mind onto the whole world. There was a place where she's talking about humanity evolving or humanity allowing a second wind move through it, for example. No, sorry, Eve, that may be where you are at present, but don't confuse yourself with the entirety of humanity. Sort of like saying that someday cancer and trauma will be treated simultaneously. Ah, no, I don't buy that. Maybe *some* cancer instances have roots in trauma, but it seemed like she's claiming something all-encompassing about the relationship. That's almost as ridiculous as those people who claim that people who get cancer are repressed, that therefore it's their own fault. But then in general I think Eve is seeing causality and meaning in places where it doesn't belong. As far as I can tell a lot of life is random, and working it into this meaningful and personal centerpiece is ridiculous. The universe doesn't center on me, or you.