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A second Wind in life: Eve Ensler on inhabiting the Body After Cancer.

I found that Eve's story very real, and interesting. What I found interesting was how she actually talked about how her view's changed after she got cancer. Before cancer she was not a very happy person. While after/ dealing with cancer she found herself a much happier person. For me I think that there are so many things that we all take for granite. Until we are at the dark side realizing all the good things we have going.

In this on being by Eve Ensler talks about her believes, and how she felt about cancer. Eve states that all the years of neglecting her body/and the neglect her body took, could have been some of the cause of her getting cancer. I find her thinking of cancer so interesting. While many people don't really realize what emotion neglect can actually do to someone. Along with taking in; and listening to all these different woman's own personal stories, Eve believes that could have something to do with her cancer. I find this could easily happen. While we may not be able to prove that other people pain and suffering can take a toll on others is a very interesting topic i think should be looked at.

I think that there are many people who would agree with Eve that have had cancer would say that their lives, and the way they look at the world ;and the things around them in a different light. I have found that people tend to realize what they were missing in life when they are not happy.