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Eve Ensler is an American play writer, best known for her play The Vagina Monologues. Ensler is a feminism activist against the violence made toward little girls and women. She was herself abused during her childhood. In the broadcast she talked about her cancer with very uncommon angles.

First, she developed the idea that cancer can be a result of profound traumatisms. She mentions her own story. She was molested, and abused during her childhood and then she depicted also how she absorbed the pain of the abused woman during her writing investigation. Furthermore, she related the example a rape center where three staff members in charge of collecting the traumatic stories developed cancers as well. She emphasized on the fact that today society is disconnected. She thinks that people consider that their feeling and body are not related. She pointed out the story when a Tibetan monk was hilarious when scientist was putting electrode on his head to study his mind because the mind for him was coming from the heart as well. I do think that her thought is rational. I do myself easily suffer from stressful situations due to my hyper sensibility[mm1] . I got torticollis and migraine. My feeling, my mind really hurt my body in those cases. So traumas can maybe engender cancer, some study have yo be made to at least refute this idea.

Secondly. She explained that her cancer has transformed her. Before cancer, her body was disconnected. When she woke up after a surgery, she washed the beauties of a three and felt that for the first time that she was inhabiting her body. She felt her humanness and she knew who she was. Her cancer made her aware that fulfillment his a choice. She also explained that the capitalize system made us unhappy, disconnected to her present because we are always waiting for the ‘next new big things’. She concluded that cancer was her turbulent opportunities to who she was supposed to be. I personally really like the way how she positively receive her cancer has an opportunity. This idea probably helped her a lot to get through all of the chemo. I do agree with her that being happy and fulfill is a choice that you make. It is in your mind that it is all begin.