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Mr. Sciolino, Bravo, what a beautifully written analysis of the state of pop music today. Having watched part of the AMA's last night, I was saddened by the influence of corporate greed the business puts on artists today to be shocking and sexy. Not to mention the absolute "need " to dance while singing. You are a bit younger than I, I was born in 1956, but we still were a part of the magnificent rise and transformation of pop music into art. There were so many good/great albums coming out each week there was no way to keep up except to buy what you could and then go to your friends homes to listen to what they had purchased. Sitting and listening for an hour or two at a time, sharing the experience and then doing it again. Music was so transcendent and influential. It is sad that those days are largely passed. Growing up I had often wondered why classical music died. The same thing is happening today to pop. It is less and less art and more and more commerce, the aural version of cotton candy.