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It was wonderful to hear Phil Donahue again. I'm a "cradle Catholic", born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where Catholics are a minority. I attended Catholic school through the eighth grade, then public school till my high school graduation in 1971. I can identify so well with Mr. Donahue's thoughts and feelings and that Catholic guilt. All three of my husband's and my sons, the oldest of whom is thirty, attended Catholic school from kindergarten through high school, and none of them are practicing Catholics today. I'm a liberal and have not attended Mass at my parish in over a year because I do not agree with the Church's treatment of gay people and also due to my disagreement with how the Church has dealt with the child molestation by priests. I'm still nostalgic, though, for the beautiful ceremony of the Catholic Mass. I just attended a funeral Mass this past week, and the incense and the priest's wonderful eulogy of the 24 year old son of a friend just felt like home to me. Thank you, Krista, for what you bring to me each week.