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I was a teenager who watched The Phil Donahue show every day after school. I remember a particular show when Mr. Donahue interviewed a woman who had written a book titled something like "Father's Day" - a recounting of sexual abuse by her father. Like his interview with the gay man, this interview was a bold move to bring an issue in the shadows into the light. It was so uncomfortable a subject, so unlikely a subject, I remember a woman in the audience who immediately got up to reassure everyone "this isn't going around." Meaning, sexual abuse by family members is rare. Yet, in that audience member's demeanor I sensed she was more trying to reassure herself. And, as came to be ... sexual abuse was not at all as rare as we'd like. In his television show, Mr. Donahue exhibited and continues to exhibit now courage not only in the face of hostility but in the face of passivity, inaction and apathy. Thank you for this important interview. You and Mr. Donahue show us how one person can make a difference just by having a conversation.