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Loved your show with Phil Donahue . In the late 70s he did a show with adoptees who were searching for their parents. These people were hiring private detectives, spending all kinds of money in their quest. I am a birth parent who gave a child up for adoption in 1966. The show really got me thinking. When I had my son out of wedlock births were shameful. I went to a home for unwed mothers inChicago. We went by our first name and last initial to protect our identity. As a result of the show I wrote to the adoption agency and asked that my case be opened to my son after he was 18 years old should he choose to look for me. Long story short, my Son Steven are good friends, his adoptive mother, Judy and I are good friends. I have two great grand kids and a wonderful daughter in law. I've attended, their wedding, christening a, and a first communion. I owe this all to Phil Donahue.