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Ubuntu- I am because of you...."we never have it all together, but together we have it all." "I am who we are." These phrases talk about how the performer needs the audience, the teacher needs students, the employer needs the employee, the parent needs the child and ultimately how we need one another to exist. I cannot become who I am without the company of those around me. We influnce one another. How well we care for one another is relected in our setting. If it is done well, our setting is safe, supportive, helpful. When it is done poorly, it becomes hurtful, we shrink away from life, and even the best of us are pulled down. If we think of and act as if caring for one another is the the most paramount, imagine what a great place that would be! Even the one strugfling the most will be lifted up. I think this can be as simple as picking up trash or offering to help someone without prompt and expectation. This is seeing that the way we treat others is ultimately the way we treat ourselves, and to care about ourselves, we must care about others and the setting around us. UBUNTU