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This was a confusing, roller-coaster Review,....the conflation of "getting women right" and "subtlety" and "raw and intimate" made my head spin. I am a woman and I watch a lot of films AND "subtlety" is not a woman thing in my book -- it's a rare American filmmaker, male or female working with male or female actors who "gets" subtle but I suspect American audiences are not much "into" subtle and so those films aren't made....highly dramatic is often also raw and intimate....Meryl Streep's or other performances by masters of the craft succeed because they inspire us to consider universal truths or nuances of the human condition that go unnoticed in our all "too real" day to day lives. To go to the movies looking for lessons in how to love, how to be a parent, etc... Well, there's quite a bit of that going on these days and the shared space in the American village reflects the negative impact of the practice. I have to say I'm disappointed to see this kind of review connected to On Being, a program I've enjoyed and respected for many years. The mistake of this piece starts with the title -- could easily serve in a People or Cosmo or any of serveral pop magazines headline -- and continues throughout. There are actually a number of films and TV series now that offer lots of material to reflect on from a spiritual perspective. I hope you decide to abandon this kind of writing that's available widely throughout the internet and on grocery store check out stands and shoot for something more subtle, more worth of On Being.