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Up until July 21, 2008 I seemed to have gotten an abundance of my inspiration from my companion and love Michael. On that day he made his transition into the life process of death rather suddenly leaving me with all of the trappings of this life we had built together which included at 14 year old son who was beginning high school and a 24 year old daughter 2 weeks away from marriage.
In our 22 years together I had the grace of his adoration for me to inspire me and give me hope. In the two years since his leaving this physical plane, I have been able to get in touch with that energy he held out to me in every moment of every day. Without the words he visioned for me the Divine within myself. He adored that Divinity and called it to me in his love even in those times I could not feel it in myself.
I am inspired by his work with me in our years to be a beacon of grace to others in my life and to be a witness in adoration to the Divine within them.
Being that we live in an impermanent and divine world, our relationship to our planet makes our task one of great importance. I lean into the grief I feel with the events our humanity has created that has brought pain to our nature (both our planet's and our own's)! In my willingness to feel the many facets of the grief, I hope to bring about the Divine into healing our world.
Michael helped me in that contract that is mine now. My children and their travels through their lives give me practice. My community and my world reflect my efforts......