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Hello - I listened to the "a wild love for the world" program on the way home to VA from St. Louis where I had been working on a project titled "Transcend2010". This temporary community public art project is a version of others I have been doing, and am scheduled to do in other communities. They all are based or mutual trust. The fact that they are well received and understood gives me immense hope. Because the projects are temporary I was especially moved by the quote from Rilke - "Is not impermanence the fragrance of our days".

The links below will give you the general idea of these projects that involve borrowing 100's of ladders from a community, building a metaphorical sculptural representation of their interconnected hopes and dreams - and then returning all the ladders to their owners in the community.
I am amazed that we can make these projects work in today's seemingly selfish world that often seems not to even care about itself. I am inspired by the people that lend me (a stranger in their community) a ladder to make a sculpture about the way their own hopes are tied to those of the whole community.

Thanks for "Speaking of Faith" & "Being" - they give me hope too!
Yours truly, Charlie

For info on "Rise Up Grand Rapids" see:

Videos of "Rise Up Winston Salem" project:

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