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The Speaking Of Faith episode centering around an eighty-one year old Joanna Macy was a wonderful journey. Her life history alone was fascinating but the real connection I felt was the manner in which her religious beliefs formed over the years of her life. Like myself Joanna became troubled with the dogma associated with religious practices and beliefs and soon after chose to no longer believe or be involved. Until a time in her life when she came across the poetry of Rilke, who's spirituality based poems are written from the viewpoint of the larger picture of us being one with nature. In the inspiration from his poetry she found that she was able to find a connection with God in how the nature of him relates to our physical world.

I especially enjoyed the time in which she began reflecting at her own hands saying that these hands are not just hers alone. They are the hands that symbolize all of those before and after us. The same hands that learned to crawl, build, walk and weave. In addition to this I also enjoyed when she reflects on the passing of her husband and what may happen to us when we pass. She sees it as a comfort that maybe our bodies at the end of our lives may just become one with the Earth and that being enough. That we are completing a sort of circle of life in doing this, giving back to the Earth that sustained our life. And that we should focus on the life we are living now, to appreciate and make the most of what we can while we can and to "live in the moment". What a beautiful thought!

Joanna discovered herself throughout her life, found passions, fought for those passions and lived to better our world and others. She truly is an inspiration to others.

Kerrie Foley