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This show interviewed a woman named JoAnna Macey that was once a Christian but converted to Buddhism, and became an activist and philosopher. She talked about how she became an environmental activist, too, and how the decisions we make today are going to affect future generations from now, and how they will affect sound and body. We should feel grief and despair for things like clear cutting our forests and contaminating our waters. We are not supposed to run from the feelings of outrage or fear towards our environment, but to look at this, be with it, keep breathing, and it will then turn to reveal the other face of the world; our love for the world and our connectedness with all life. If we love our world, we should be able to face it. We should be able to look at the Gulf oil spill and the scum it left, and how it destroyed life in the ocean. If our mother or child has cancer, we shouldn't avoid looking at them, but instead love them until we can't love anymore. Joanna also talked about how Rilke poetry nourishes her vision that we are in a time where we are in an industrial world but need to focus on how to live in a world of sustainability. One of the poems talked about how God became the Earth and how God talked about the darkness, and how He wanted one more hour to love everything on Earth. We need to love our world because it won't be healed without love, and this is the theory that keeps JoAnna going. Her ultimate goal is for us to achieve a life sustaining society; energy, food, new ways of measuring prosperity and wealth, new ways to communicate in non-violent ways, etc. How we choose to invest our energy in our hearts and mind will pave the path to how we choose to invest our energy in the world. Our Earth is not our supply house for resources and it isn't a sewer, either, but our Earth is love.