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Very moved by Joanna Macy's sharing, only heard today (03/20/11) on my local NPR affiliate in western NC.

Everywhere: In honor of Joanna Macy

everywhere I see beauty
the first slippery silver kiss of love
the resonance of old friendships
the gleam of snow against the sunrise
how the winter finally gives itself to spring
and the intimate abundance of the earth itself

and everywhere I see ugliness
the brutality of war
the unbending shadow of regret and shame
the willingness to kill for money and pretension
the indignities we suffer at the hands and words
of one another
and the deep, lonely cut of death’s loss

but herein lies the magic, if any can be found
to recognize
that what touches me here
and what touches you there
affects the very ground beneath our feet
flows into the water that wraps this planet
and drifts above the farthest flung stars
out and beyond
around and inside
each one of us

and it is the daily ebb and flow of this life
the push and pull of it
that draws us ever nearer
into the bittersweet embracing of the world
and in that holding—that embrace
the image of this planet—this earth—this love
becomes firmly fixed across our hearts
like a postage stamp of pure adoration
bearing our intentions and resolve
beyond where we can see today
a love letter
carried far into the tomorrows of this universe
long after we are gone

i touch the world
and it touches me
and there is no difference if it is here or there—
it is everywhere

Gaye F. Colvin