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I want to say (belatedly after years of listening to your show) that you and your guests have nourished my head and heart in such wonderful ways. You have shared with me stories and music and ideas of wondrous breadth that I would never have found on my own. Given me a "jumping off place" for further exploration.
I usually find myself alone in the kitchen cooking on Sunday mornings while my husband goes to church. I used to feel rather guilty about that. But I find myself regularly excited to share what I've heard that morning with him when he comes home.
My Sundays alone in the kitchen with men and women from around the world were central to finding a calm centeredness - and also at times a sorrow and tears - both essential to balance I suppose. For myself I would not trade my cookie making with Joanna Macy and yourself this morning for anything. Would that I could give you both a warm oatmeal cookie!
I lost my son three years ago and my grief has been my constant, delilitating companion. When Joanna shared the image of the swan settling into the receptive waters and his regal grace - oh how that image touched my soul. How wounderful to hear the laughter and acceptance in her voice - it was as if she were reaching out with this gift to me and saying, "it is alright to grieve but loss does not preclude joy." I can see my beautiful son gliding on the calm waters.
Thank you both,