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I find hope in seeing the American people wake up to what the rest of the world knows about them. I take hope that the American people are beginning to see the Koch Brothers and the nasty methods of ruling elites to perpetrate and perpetuate scarcity and ecological exploitation of this world, which in turn leads to fear of lack, and the beginnings of evil rising. I delight that these evil doers like Tsar Nicholas or Kaiser Wilhelm are playing their grandfathers' cards in arrogance ever closer to the widening spot light of our expanding consciousness of cause and effect. Each round they come closer and closer to toppling themselves, just as their peers have all done before them.

Once American people can see how these ancient practices of Kings are still being used against them by their "betters" in their flawed constitutional democracy, and start to protect themselves with a greater social construction, we can expect much better times on this earth.

It was Spinoza who said that our collective social constructions are what reveal divinity in us on earth. I agree with him. I look forward to the future social constructions we will collectively agree upon to improve on our US constitution in the next round which is clearly been rigged to favor rulers and their property rather than the majority and their economic security. Once we do that, we will see through the lies and duplicity of the few we serve who truly profit from poverty, economic insecurity, social unrest, power vacuum and violence all over the world in resource rich lands.

My great hope is that the people starting in Wisconsin will wake up for our own version of a peaceful 1848, 1989, and now 2011 velvet revolution of consciousness of the true laws of cause and effect! Perhaps, we can show the Mayans a different 2012 prophecy!